• 18-Oct-2021 to 17-Dec-2021 (MST)
  • Orlando, FL, USA
  • $60-90k DOE
  • Salary
  • Full Time

Medical, Dental, Vision, PTO, House Cleaning

You grab the cold handle of the door to your favorite, dimly lit diner that you've been going to for years. On your way in, Charlotte, your favorite waitress, notices you and points towards a booth in the corner. The booth feels like a second home; after all, it's the booth where you were pulled into a conversation with Ron about ApplicantPro and being a PHP/MySQL developer. Warm memories flood your mind as you take your seat and look around. Right as you sit down you see your good friend Sheila at a nearby table and wave hello and make some small talk. She seems quite stressed as she has a hard time holding a conversation with you, her phone constantly buzzing with new notifications. You ask her to come on over to your booth so you can better catch up. Someone else walks in the door and wouldn't you know it, it's another friend Jed back from school. You catch his eye, waving your hand and direct him to come sit with you and Sheila.

"What are you guys up to lately? It's great to see you," you start the conversation off. "You ready to come work with me yet? We have great perks including working with me!" you let out a light-hearted laugh as you extend the invitation. "We're actually hiring right now. We're looking for someone at least with:"

  • A few years of professional development experience under their belts.
  • Great working knowledge of relational databases like MySQL or Postgres.
  • A few years of experience in scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, Python.
  • A few years of experience in JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue.js and the like.

"Actually, you've been on my mind lately, where do you work again?" Sheila asks as she sets her phone on the table.

"It's a great little company called ApplicantPro. Been working there for 10 years if you can believe that!"

"How have you stayed there that long?" Jed inquires. "Don't you get sick of it?"

"Goodness no," you reply, "I actually enjoy where I work and get paid well to do it. I don't sit there and stare at my phone all day waiting for the next bomb to go off," as you direct a glance towards Sheila who isn't paying attention because of another text.

"Ha! That's hilarious. Still cracking jokes at others' expense I see?" Jed chides you through a sarcastic smirk.

The waitress swings by to check on your table and sees the two people beside you. "Charlotte, these are my two good friends, let them order whatever they want and put it on my tab."

"You got it!" she replies and begins taking everyone's orders. Sheila puts her phone down again and frustratedly exclaims, "I'm going to lose my mind at my job! If they would just let me focus for more than 10 seconds to code without some server going down, or some new project they want my input on! I'm gonna lose it!" She buries her hands in her face. After an awkward few moments she gathers her composure and mutters to herself, "it's just part of the job of being a dev I guess."

You pause for a moment so as to not intrude her thought process and reply back, "Thankfully, that doesn't happen where I work."

She smirks, "Yeah right! I've done this at every dev job I've ever worked at! Maybe I just need to shift careers. The stress is affecting my sanity and my marriage."

"Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down," you counter as you raise your hands off the table. "You're a great developer! And being a great developer doesn't mean you have to work yourself to the bone and be stressed all the time. If you want to know what my day to day looks like, it typically ends up being: "

  • An agile environment running 2 week sprints.
  • Standup each day that can go 10-20 minutes, just so we can make sure we're going the right direction.
  • Sprint planning meeting once every two weeks.

"And other than that as needed we collaborate on coding and architecture, gather ideas from each other, pair program, or just put on our headphones and code."

"For reals?" Jed jumps into the conversation. "I sit there and do meaningless contract work for clients who get to demand anything they want, hopping from one insane codebase to the next, and my wife and I get zero health benefits or anything since I'm just a contract worker." He is quite animated with his hands slicing and dicing the air as he vents. "I can't even work remote because the clients want me there in person for some insane reason!"

"Well," you turn towards Jed and reply back. "We have your standard benefits plus some other perks that are kinda cool."

  • Medical, Dental, Vision benefits
  • Short/Long term disability
  • Life insurance
  • AFLAC, Accident
  • House Cleaning Benefit
  • Generous PTO and paid holidays (including Black Friday)
  • Remote Work
  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Opportunities for learning and growth in your developer skill set

"You have a house cleaning benefit? Whatever..." Sheila spits out a laugh in disbelief.

"Yeah once a month we have someone that comes by and professionally cleans our home if I hit my goals," you reply to Sheila.

Charlotte brings by the food that was ordered and sets it in front of everyone. She gives you a gentle smirk as she's seen this type of meeting time and time again.

"Looks like it's time for me to jump ship where I'm at!", Jed exclaims while fist pumping. "Remote work with flexible schedules and benefits is a thousand times better than what I'm dealing with!"

"Count me in too!" Sheila slams her hands on the table from excitement. Gathering her composure she continues, "I can't wait to stop looking at my phone every 10 seconds." Just as she finished her sentence, a call came through her cell phone with her bosses name on it.

"Forget that guy, I ain't picking that up. How soon are you wanting someone to start?", she queries with a sheepish grin.

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